Silicaps System GREEN silicone pigment 50g

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Silicaps System are tinting concentrates for coloring silicone dummies, masks and prostheses. The composition of Silicaps System is compatible with the silicone base and does not spoil its properties even with a significant percentage of input. The percentage of input body dyes for optimal density: about 1 g per 1 kg. This means that a 50 g jar is enough to tone as much as 50 kg of silicone!

Attention: Silicaps System is not paints for silicone by itself! By themselves, they do not dry out! This is concentrates for mixing with silicone.

Colors in the jar are completely different from what will be in silicone! Shades are designed to give the correct color and density in silicone. Look at the samples of dyed silicone. The fact is that silicone has its whitish haze and translucency. 

For surface coloring silicone, follow the recommendations:

1) Mix clear silicone caulking with Naphtha to obtain thin slurry.

2) Cover all surface with this mixture and allow to dry completely. This is a transparent base.

3) Mix the caulking with Naphta again and add Silicaps System pigments. Use it as a paint for your dummies and props. The viability of this composition - just 30 minutes! Even if it remains liquid and working - discard it and mix fresh solution.

4) In a thin layer, the sealant hardens several times longer than in a thick one (up to several hours!). For each layer, mix fresh solution. Make small portions. Work in a ventilated room!

Be sure to shake well each jar before use! Never use this system for make-up!