Silicaps System BLOODY silicone pigment 30g

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Silicaps System are tinting concentrates for coloring silicone dummies, masks and prostheses. 

Attention: Silicaps System is not paints for silicone by itself! By themselves, they do not dry out! This is concentrates for mixing with silicone.

For surface coloring silicone, follow the recommendations:

1) Mix clear silicone caulking with Naphtha to obtain thin slurry.

2) Cover all surface with this mixture and allow to dry completely. This is a transparent base.

3) Mix the caulking with Naphta again and add Silicaps System pigments. Use it as a paint for your dummies and props. The viability of this composition - just 30 minutes! Even if it remains liquid and working - discard it and mix fresh solution.

4) In a thin layer, the sealant hardens several times longer than in a thick one (up to several hours!). For each layer, mix fresh solution. Make small portions. Work in a ventilated room!

Be sure to shake well each jar before use! Never use this system for make-up!