Flexible make-up wax KARAMELOV FLESH 40g

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Karamelov - is a make-up wax, similar to caramel - flexible, sticky and tapered. And even smells as a sweets, but not really sweet and without any sugars (and waterproof and sweatproof). Due to plasticity and stickiness, it perfectly holds on the skin without the use of glue, withstands many deformations. Allows you to make quite large overlays, but requires a certain skill. Similar to Mehron SynWax wax, but made from natural ingredients.

Use make-up wax to create small, but realistic skin lesions. Wax looks better than the theatrical nose putty, because it is slightly translucent. The wax is painted with any grease textures: a grease make-up, concealers, foundation sticks, pencils. Powder it if needed. For modeling use a metal spatula, fingers and a small amount of any white cream (for smoothing). If you work in a cold room, the wax is very hard, and you can not get it out of the jar, then warm it up with a hair dryer or in warm water. At normal temperatures, the wax is easily extracted from the jar with a spatula. The formulation of the wax is designed to remain flexibility at the skin temperature and withstand heat and sweat.

Wax is useful for:

  • bullet hole on the forehead
  • all kinds of wounds on the hands
  • scars and bulging scars
  • burns
  • changing nose form
  • bites
  • funeral restoration

Work with wax is easier where there is a bone under the skin: the forehead, the back of the nose, the knuckles of the fingers. On a soft surface it is difficult to work with. Wax is not latex or silicone, and therefore its mobility is very weak. To wax better kept, it is recommended to lubricate the skin with spirit gum adhesive and dry it by patting your finger.
To smooth the stitching and edges, moisten your fingers or cotton swab with a SuperOFF make-up remover or petroleum jelly (oily effect and bad for edges!).
There are special fixatives for wax on market, but we do not recommend using them, since they kill the realism of the wax.

KARAMELOV wax is presented in three colors: flesh, pink, white. Pink is used to simulate meat inside the wound, and white is used to simulate bones and tendons.