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Natural liquid latex for make-up 120ml
250 RUB Р
51 item(s)

Natural liquid latex 1L for FX masks
1,100 RUB Р
51 item(s)

Silipasta - on skin direct modelling silicone paste 120g
1,500 RUB Р
2-part on-skin modelling silicone gel for fast effects. Setting time: 10-15 minutes. Light translucent flesh color with fibers.

ProZet prosthetic adhesive acrylic water based 50ml
500 RUB Р
41 item(s)

Hyper realistic silicone woman life size doll corpse prop for escape rooms and movies
90,000 RUB Р
99 item(s)

Flexible make-up wax KARAMELOV FLESH 40g
450 RUB Р
Karamelov - is a make-up wax, similar to caramel - flexible, sticky and tapered. And even smells as a sweets, but not really sweet and without any sugars...
38 item(s)

Collodion for FX make-up 10ml
400 RUB Р
28 item(s)

Latex bald cap thin for movie make-up
600 RUB Р

Blood imitation KROVIAKA universal GRIMSHOP 110 ml
600 RUB Р
165 item(s)

Hard gray sculpture plasticine 500g oil based clay
130 RUB Р
Sulphure free plastilene. Hard. Gray color.
46 item(s)

Isopropyl Alcohol 500ml IPA
240 RUB Р
1 item(s)

Rough stipple sponge for FX make-up SUSHI SPONGE
40 RUB Р
852 item(s)

Theatrical grease make-up palette 12 colors FLESH Russian classical
750 RUB Р
40 item(s)

Theatrical grease make-up palette Russian classical 12 colors Black Red White
750 RUB Р

Silicone realistic severed finger Halloween props
800 RUB Р
Реалистичный силиконовый палец. При заказе укажите, какие именно пальцы вам нужны. В большой палец возможно вклеить магнит или даже RFID-метку. Эту...
31 item(s)

Soft silicone MASKOID10 for masks and prosthetics 2kg
2,750 RUB Р
Platinum silicone, colorless, translucent. Hardness: 10 Shore A Pot life 20-30 minutes Cure time 40-60 minutes Demold time 2-4 hours...
4 item(s)

Муляж человеческого глаза
500 RUB Р
Реалистичный муляж человеческого глаза. Цена за 1 штуку.
6 item(s)

Aerosilica 250 ml universal thickener for prosthetic adhesive
500 RUB Р
3 item(s)

Alginate 400g
330 RUB Р
Alginate lifecasting material. Simple, cheap and very useful. Mixing with water 1:1 by volume. Setting time about 2,5 min. 
18 item(s)

Castor make-up WHITE for latex RMGP by GRIMSHOP 10g
380 RUB Р
167 item(s)

Theatrical lace adhesive 50ml for wigs and beards
550 RUB Р
18 item(s)

ENKAPS 500ml acetone soluble cap plastic
1,800 RUB Р
ENKAPS 500ml acetone soluble cap plastic
5 item(s)

Castor make-up BLACK for latex RMGP by GRIMSHOP 10g
380 RUB Р
167 item(s)

Castor make-up BLUE for latex RMGP by GRIMSHOP 10g
380 RUB Р
177 item(s)